The Faces of Autism/Sammie

Meet Sammie!

Sammie is a sweet, beautiful 5 year old girl who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum DIsorder at 2.5 years old.  She is an animal lover.  She is showing incredible strength in her receptive language skills as well as her problem solving skills.


When Sammie was younger her parents noticed her speech was not progressing as it should have been.  The few words she did say, she stopped saying.  They assumed she just had a speech delay, Autism wasn't even on the radar, until someone had brought it up to them.  After that they did some research on warning signs of Autism and saw multiple red flags.


Sammie has the tendency to regress before she gets new skills.  At first her parents found this very alarming and worried that she wouldn't regain the skills she lost, but now, after learning more about her, they just wait it out and see what she suprises them with after the "storm" passes.