The Faces of Autism/Sisters Sammie and Sonja

You have met Sammie and Sonja individually, and their stories are very similar.  In case you weren't aware, they are twins.  Both with Autism.  Their mother may very well be my hero.

Sammie and Sonja's speech wasn't coming along as expected.  Their parents thought it was just a speech delay, they never even thought Autism and didn't know much about it.  Like most people, they associated Autism with things like no eye contact or lack of affection.  After someone had told them they thought the girls had Autism, they did research and realized they had many red flags.  

Both Sammie and Sonja are extremely affectionate.  Sammie is amazing at figuring things out on her own and is an avid animal lover.  Sonja is a great friend to others and tries her best to help her little brother out when he needs it.

Having twins is difficult, as any parent of multiples will tell you.  Having twins who both carry an Autism diagnosis is incredibly hard.  You have all the challenges of having a child with Autism, but twice, and at the same time.  Balancing two nearly identical therapy programs and communicating with around 20 therapists and special educational professionals is exhausting.

Even with all the difficulties and struggles their mother has this to say: "I am so grateful they both have Autism. They connect in their own world in a way they would never be able to without sharing it (the diagnosis). I don't ever have to worry about them being isolated because they understand eachother perfectly."

PS. The girls weren't really enthusiastic about me taking a photo of them together.  I tried twice.  So these are from last spring!