The Faces of Autism/Sonja

Meet Sonja

Sonja is a sweet 5 year old girl that was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder at 2.5 years old.  She loves getting her photo taken (seriously almost shoved her siblings out of the way so I could take more of her), and throws a pose for them!


When Sonja was younger, her parents noticed her speech wasn't coming along as expected.  Someone had mentioned the possibility of Autism to them and after doing some research they noticed many red flags.  Autism had not even crossed their minds, especially because when they thought about Autism, they thought about lack of eye-contact or affection.  After they learned more, they learned that, although those things can be red flags for Autism, it doesn't mean that an affectionate child or one that makes good eye-contact is not on the Spectrum.


Sonja has started showing a nurturing side and interacts with her younger brother more, even seeking him out to play games.  She is becoming more outgoing and is friendly to most people.