The Faces of Autism/Sophia

Meet Sophia!

Sophia is a sassy 3 year old girl who was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder earlier this year.  She is smart and has an amazing memory.

As an infant, Sophia was late rolling over, sitting, crawling and standing.  Around 9 months old, her parents became really concerned as Sophia showed no interest in doing typical things like splashing in the tub or playing with age appropriate toys.  At 1 year old she was evaluated by BECEP but did not qualify for services at the time.  


By 17 months old, Sophia stopped talking all together and began to get aggressive with her peers.  At 2 years old, she began Speech and Occupational Therapies.  Her mom had suspected Autism, but was brushed off and told it was just behavioral and sensory issues.  As time went on, Sophia wasn't making progress, and was actually regressing more.  Her doctors started to listen and referred her to a Child Psychologist.  After many months of frustration with the process, Sophia was diagnosed in January, 2016 with Autism.  


Although this is a difficult journey for Sophia and her family, everyday is a new beginning, with new strengths and challenges.  Sophia amazes her parents every day with the strides she is taking and has taught them to not take the small things for granted.