The Faces of Autism/Dane

The Faces of Autism: Meet Dane

Meet Dane, a 7 year old artistic boy with an unbelievable memory, diagnosed with Autism.


Dane was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 4 years old.  At around 18 months old, Dane showed signs of a speech delay and started Early Intervention, then went on to BECEP at 3 years old.  By his second year there, it was apparent that he was falling further behind his peers instead of catching up like his parents expected.

Dane struggles with things that most parents take for granted.  He is working on being 100% potty trained and his self care skills.  This includes things like brushing his teeth, taking a bath, and getting dressed by himself.

From Dane's parents about what it is like having a child with Autism:
"Everyday is an adventure. It is a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from complete joy and amazement at what your child has accomplished, to paralyzingly fear when you realized that they have managed to sneak away regardless of the safeguards you have put in place."

Dane's parents say that although this is not the experience they ever pictured, they have learned so much about life and love. They have met so many people and made wonderful friends with others on the same Autism journey.

According to a 2012 study in Pediatrics, 49% of children with ASD have a tendency to wander or bolt from safe settings. Individuals with ASD are often attracted to water, yet have little to no sense of danger. To learn more about wandering in children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, click HERE.

If you suspect your child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are great supports in the community.  One of my favorites is BisMan Autism Families on Facebook. 

Please feel free to share Dane's story to help spread Autism Awareness and Acceptance.