The Faces of Autism/Braden

The Faces of Autism: Meet Braden

Meet Braden a caring 15 year old with a big heart that is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Braden was diagnosed with Autism at 6 years old. His mom reports that he was, overall, very delayed.  He struggles with his daily routine, getting along with his peers and hygiene, among many other things. Braden loves cars, trucks and music. 

Personal hygiene is a common struggle among children and adolescents with Autism.  The reasons vary from sensory issues to not understanding these seemingly arbitrary tasks.  I found THIS to be an interesting read on the subject that explains a little about why it is such an issue as well as some helpful tips to try to help.

Braden said he had a hard time with Elementary School, but his transition to Middle School has been good. He hopes to someday get a job.

His mom had this to say about raising a child with Autism:
"Everyday is different & challenging even though we have a pretty structured day. It's very rewarding."

If you suspect your child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are great supports in the community.  One of my favorites is BisMan Autism Families on Facebook, the people there can help guide you in the right direction, and throughout the process.