The Faces of Autism/Preston

The Faces of Autism: Meet Preston

Meet Preston an active 3.5 year old diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Preston was diagnosed with Autism at 20 months old. His parents noticed his lack of words and poor eye contact.  Preston also did not respond to his name.

Preston could run, play, and jump all day. I know he definitely didn't stop moving while trying to take his photo for this project!  He's a loving little boy and very happy. Preston can run an iPad or iPhone like nobody's business. At age 2 he was teaching his grandpa to play angry birds! Preston struggles with communicating in general, so expressing his wants and needs is a huge obstacle in his house.  He also has a hard time from activity to activity, even from room to room.  Preston is also working on patience, which can be a huge battle for his family.

About raising a child with Autism:
"Nothing is "wrong" with my child. He is just like yours, we just have different journeys. He is loud and draws attention to himself, but not harmful, just happy and having a good time. He loves to give kisses and hugs. He loves suckers and Hershey kisses (grandpa showed him how to open them himself)! If he is crying and upset, I'm probably also crying and upset because I cannot figure out what he wants. Please do not judge, simply smile so I know you understand. My child sees the world in a different way and I hope people can accept him for who he is.
Some days are extremely hard and confusing, but he is my sweet little boy and I wouldn't change it for the world. We will fight for him forever."

If you suspect your child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are great supports in the community.  One of my favorites is BisMan Autism Families on Facebook, the people there can help guide you in the right direction, and throughout the process.