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The Faces (Beside the Faces) of Autism: Meet Kali

Meet Kali, the 13 year old sister to two children with Autism, Dacotah (HERE) and MiKynna (HERE).  She is also my oldest chid!

Kali said that having siblings with Autism is hard work.  Specifically MiKynna. It is hard and tiring to watch her, even playing with her is a lot of work because she needs so much attention and supervision.

About what she has learned from having siblings with Autism:
"I understand that the so called odd or weird kids could have more going on.   I should not judge people right off the bat and learn about them a bit more."

When I asked Kali if she has advice for other kids out there, she had this to say:
" It might be a crazy ride, but soon enough it is easy to handle. Hang in there and learn from them. They might be better than teachers."

Kali has recently been questioning me on why I would have 2 children on the Spectrum, and we discussed the fact that once someone has one child with Autism, the chances of another subsequent child having Autism as well is somewhere between 15-20%, depending on the study done. HERE and HERE are both pretty decent articles on the subject.  Upon learning these statistics, Kali started thinking about becoming a doctor to either research or help kids with Autism.

If you suspect your child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, there are great supports in the community.  One of my favorites is BisMan Autism Families on Facebook, the people there can help guide you in the right direction, and throughout the process.