The Faces of Autism: Meet Aiden

Meet Aiden, an imaginative 7 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism at 5 years old. I had a great time meeting Aiden and taking his photos! He really has a great personality and seemed pretty excited to have me there!

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy sitting on couch wearing a green shirt

Aiden started showing signs of autism at a very early age. He would line up his cars, was not able to adapt to any changes, and had many repetitive behaviors. Aiden toe walked, head banged, and did not socialize with other children.  He didn't ask questions and had interests that were not typical of a small child. Aiden was behind in fine motor skills, and rarely made eye contact.

Aiden is extremely imaginative. He has a remarkable memory and is quite funny. Aiden is very good at reading and math. He is very punctual and knows everyone's schedule around him. Aiden loves football, school busses and learning about airplanes.

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy sitting in black roller chair in bedroom

Aiden's mom about having a child with autism:
"Children with autism deserve the same level of acceptance that a neurotypical child receives. These children are all unique and if you spend time with a child with autism you may just learn something about yourself. Children who have autism are very capable, we as a society just need to be patient enough to find ways to cater to their unique learning needs.
 I would say to any parent or family member that shares their life with someone on the spectrum that there are good days and bad days. Days that are exhausting and worrisome, and days that are incredible and magical. You aren't alone."

Aiden would love to have friends to play with him.

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy sitting on piano bench in formal room

If you are in the general Bismarck/Mandan area and you have a child with autism, or suspect may have autism, I highly encourage you to join BisMan Autism Families group (just make sure to answer the entrance questions) on Facebook to help build your local village and get some support!  If you are not the parent of someone with autism, then please follow their Community page to keep updated on news, events, and even some helpful tips to help families touched by autism.