The Faces of Autism: Meet Ben

Meet Ben, an affectionate 7 year old that was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old.  He did such a great job this year, you can see last year's story HERE.

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Ben's parent's noticed he had significant speech delays and fine motor delays.  He also had a hard time processing verbal communication.  Ben lacked attention span and had an inability to make connections with peers. 

Ben is very loving and affectionate. He is good at mathematics, reading and technology. Ben enjoys going to parks as well as family gatherings. He enjoys playing video games and collecting DVDs and VHS tapes.

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Ben has a hard time with unexpected changes in daily routines.  He has sensory issues such as getting dirty and wet.  He can get over stimulated in social situations and has difficulty with age appropriate social skills.

Since last year, Ben has started kindergarten. For the first time he has scored above average in some academic categories. He has has worked with his support staff and is now able to tolerate getting his hair cut. Ben has also made major improvements in learning to ride a bike. 

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Ben's parents on what it is like raising a child with autism:
"Having a child with autism can be very isolating. It can be very difficult to relate to other parents. From the outside looking in others may think your child just needs more discipline but it’s important to understand your child experiences the world differently. We would encourage you to join some local Facebook groups such as Bis-Man Autism Families and Bisman Strength Builders. It’s a great way to network with other parents and care givers who can relate to your child."