The Faces of Autism: Meet Brody

Meet Brody, a loving 6 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old.  It was so nice to meet Brody and part of his family and to see the wonder on his face when he saw what the Heritage Center had to offer!  This family came from Minot to be part of this project and I am completely honored and humbled that they valued it enough to do that.

dear me photography boy in grey shirt with blue sleeves

When Brody was younger, he was severely speech delayed and lacked very little social interaction. He had little to no eye contact and was withdrawn. He also had some behavior issues which was due to lack of speech.

Brody has so much love to give and is always wanting to have fun. He is also so sweet and very caring.  Brody loves letters, spelling, reading, swimming, and riding bike.

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One of Brody's biggest struggles is having patience and not always being able to get what he wants at the exact moment he wants it.

From Brody's parents about having a child with autism:
"The beginning of the diagnosis can be hard at first but it does get easier.  It isn’t always easy and can be a challenge but it is worth it and makes you a better person and so much more understanding.  Brody surprises us everyday with new things he learns and sees and makes us so proud. He is always trying so hard and has so much more strength than anyone knows!"

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy with serious face looking at the camera