The Faces of Autism: Meet Carter

Meet Carter, a smart 9 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old.

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Carter was speaking base words like "Mom", "Dad", and "Papa" then lost the word "Papa". Over the next few months he continued to lose words instead of gain them.  His family was having a hard time with diagnosis and therapies, so had switched to Dr. McDonough, who at the time was with Sanford Pediatrics, who fought for Carter to get the proper diagnosis and therapies he needed.

Carter is very smart and is able to work through problems.  He is like a sponge and absorbs a lot.  His mom gets told often by others that they think Carter will be an engineer someday.  Carter is a bubbly, happy-go-lucky guy who is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Carter loves going camping with friends and family.  He loves to fish and enjoys the fishing boat his Grandfather bought him.  Carter loves the outdoors and playing outside with his dog, Blue.  Carter loves building with Legos and looking at the Lego books over and over again, he never tires of it.  

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Carter has a hard time with big crowds and loud noises, but he is starting a new adventure and really turning to music therapy for calming.  Carter also struggles with food textures.

From Carter's mom about raising a child with autism:
"It's rewarding and teaches me that all the small steps are just as rewarding as the big steps.  Carter is my tour guide and every day is a new adventure!  Nothing surprises me with Carter.  Understanding autism is totally different when you are a bystander compared to a parent that lives through it everyday.  Having an open mind while in public is always helpful.
Our autism experience has been very rewarding.  All the doctoring and appointment hopping and getting therapies set up at first was overwhelming but soooo worth it for our little man!  It has helped Carter grow as a person and become his own."

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