The Faces of Autism: Meet Dane

Meet Dane, a creative 8 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old.  Dane was a lot more willing to pretend to let me take his photo this year! You can look back on last year's story about Dane right HERE.

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy standing in hallway looking away

Dane's parents noticed he had a speech delay at age 2. They had an evaluation done through Early Intervention and started speech therapy with them. When Dane turned 3, he started at BECEP. As the gap grew between Dane and his classmates, his parent's knew they needed to figure out why.

Dane is an amazing little boy! He can put together works of art from just about anything. He also has an unbelievable memory. Dane enjoys gymnastics and swimming, he just recently started a gymnastics class.  Dane also loves to watch movies as well as build with his legos and other toys. I can tell you from seeing it, he also makes quite the amazing towns out of blocks and legos! Although he may not place them in the most convenient location for the rest of the family, like at the beginning of the hallway.

One of Dane’s biggest struggles is with his social interactions. Although his parent's are not sure he realizesit, or even really cares.

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy standing next to wall of photos

Since last year, Dane has really grown! His speech has improved tremendously, he is reading, participating in church activities and is 99.9% toilet trained!

Dane's mom about having a child with autism:
"Having a child with autism is by far the most difficult challenge I have ever faced. It is scary, confusing, awkward, terrifying and heartbreaking. It is also, interesting, joyful, fun and the most rewarding thing I could ever imagine! It is crazy, but we have such amazing supports with our family, friends, our church, and the Bisman Autism group!"

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy leaning against hallway wall

About the things that have helped Dane's mom the most throughout their journey so far:
"The therapists at Red Door are amazing! I am also so incredibly thankful for and feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the Bisman Autism Families community! I would probably be a puddle of poo if I didn’t know the amazing people that make up this group!"

If your child is diagnosed with autism, or you suspect your child may have autism, and you live in the general Bismarck/Mandan area, I highly encourage you to join BisMan Autism Families. If the first sentence doesn't apply, but you are interested in learning more about autism, or about news and events from BisMan Autism Families, please follow their Community page on Facebook.