The Faces of Autism: Meet Grant

Meet Grant, a caring 7 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old.  This boy is such a flirt!  Always being sweet on girls! He is quite the ladies man!

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy smiling reaching out for a cup

Before Grant's diagnosis, his parents noticed he had regression in language as well as attention.  It seemed like he was the same boy they knew up until then.

Grant is kind and caring.  He gives out the best hugs (I can confirm this, being on the receiving end from time to time!).  Grant enjoys swimming, playing outside and swinging.  He also likes music, car rides and his little sister.

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy in grey shirt sitting on living room floor

Grant struggles with speech, he is non-verbal so communication is very difficult. He also has problems with attention, sensory processing, fine motor skills, and sleep, among others.

Over the past year, some of Grant's behaviors have improved.  If you would like to read Grant's story from last year, you can find that HERE

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy sitting at counter stool

Grant's parents on having a child with autism:
"It is very challenging some days, but as I get further in this journey I realize how strong of an advocate I can be for my son and others with Autism."  And had this to say to others that are beginning their journey, "Never give up!! Keep working."

Grant's parents believe that Grant wishes he could let everyone know his thoughts and feelings.