The Faces of Autism: Meet Logan

Meet Logan, an impressive 8 year old that was diagnosed with autism at 6 years old.  This boy could name different rocks and all the dinosaurs with no problem.  I'm sure he is going to do great things one day, but definitely feel either Paleontology or Geology should be at the top of his list!

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy holding onto railings

When Logan was in preschool the teachers noticed he was behind a little and suggested that his parents look into getting an autism evaluation.

Logan is amazing with facts about dinosaurs.  He also loves and excels at karate. Logan is a fan of Lego's and video games.

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy in dinosaur tie

Logan struggles with crowds.  He also has a hard time with communication.  He is verbal, but he struggles with conversation, unless it is facts about his favorite topics.

Logan's parents want others to know:
"There are going to be hard days, there are going to be days that you just want to give up. But there are days that you see your child accomplish things that you never thought they would. Just remember you and your child can do it together"

dear me photography bismarck photographer boy standing sideways with head turned towards camera

If you are in the general Bismarck/Mandan area and you have a child with autism, or suspect may have autism, I highly encourage you to join BisMan Autism Families group (just make sure to answer the entrance questions) on Facebook to help build your local village and get some support!  If you are not the parent of someone with autism, then please follow their Community page to keep updated on news, events, and even some helpful tips to help families touched by autism.