The Faces of Autism: Meet Nora

Meet Nora, an energetic 3 year old that was diagnosed with autism recently.  Nora gave me great smiles during our little session, until I raised my camera up to actually take a photo!

dear me photography mandan photographer girl in purple shirt sitting on recliner

Because Nora's big brother, Ben, was diagnosed with autism, her parent's watched her for signs, like most parents do.  They noticed Nora had a delay in speech as well as processing verbal communication.  Nora also seemed to have an inability to connect with her peers.

Nora is great at arts and crafts and really enjoys them.  She has improved at socializing with her peers, friends, family and support staff and likes to play games with others.  Nora loves playing dress up and pretending to put on makeup.  

dear me photography mandan photographer girl laying on couch laughing

Nora has difficulty following direction. She struggles with adjustments to routine and has difficultly with age appropriate social skills. Nora also has delayed speech comprehension.

A little from Nora's parents about their autism experience:
"More and more children are being diagnosed on the autism spectrum every year. Some statistics show that as many as 1 in 60 children have autism. Odds are you know someone who has a personal experience with autism.
As parents of children with autism our dream for our children is that they are accepted by their peers and the community. Individuals with autism can feel like they are living in a world that is not designed for them but they are desperately trying to fit in and relate. Sometimes they don’t know how. Please talk to your kids about autism. No child wants to be bullied, especially for a disability. They want to be accepted."

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