The Faces of Autism: Dane

Meet Dane, a creative 9 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism when he was 4 years old. This is Dane’s third year participating in Faces of Autism, you can read last year’s story HERE.


In the past year Dane has made really great strides with his conversation skills. He will ask questions and respond when questions are asked of him.

Dane loves to draw and build, he can create amazing things. Dane loves to swim and has been participating in the adaptive swim program at the YMCA. His parents also signed him up for the Special Olympics, but they are not sure what sport yet.

Dane’s biggest struggle and the thing his family is working hardest on with him is social interactions.


According to Dane’s parents some of the unique highlights and challenges of raising a child with autism “A highlight is that they teach you more every day! A big challenge is the general public not understanding. They see a normal looking kid and wonder what is wrong with your parenting.”

If you would like to support an individual diagnosed with autism and their family Dane’s family advises to ”Just ask. Don’t be shy or nervous. We can all definitely use help. It takes a village!”


Dane’s parents have to this advice if you suspect your child has autism or if they recently received a diagnoses “Make sure you have a support system. I don’t know where I would be without the support of all the friends I’ve made through BisMan Autism Families.”

When I asked Dane’s parents about their autism journey they said “I wouldn’t change it for the world!”