The Faces of Autism: Edison

Meet Edison, a fun 7 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 years old. Edison participated in Faces of Autism last year, you can read his story HERE. Edison was much more willing to let me take his picture this year and even told his parent’s he was happy during our session.


Edison has made some huge improvements this year and the changes have been amazing. He went from being pretty much nonverbal to speaking full sentences and asking questions that weren’t part of scripting. Edison has improved with eye contact, shows a lot more emotion, and smiles when you smile at him. He used to mimic what people would say a lot, not really knowing how to speak freely, and he now has started. He has even started to ask questions to a specific situation, for example when his mom came in from shoveling one day he asked “Hey mom! How was shoveling?”

Edison has also started to express his likes and dislikes, play Mario video games, and he now requests to play with friends while in a social setting. He is in the 1st grade has been accepted and is loved by his peers!

Edison is intelligent, funny, and loving. He has a great memory and enjoys memorizing dance routines and music videos. Edison is excels at reading, math, and art. He loves drawing, coloring, and painting. He likes bowling, jumping on the trampoline and riding his bike.

Edison has issues with doors being opened. He needs to open them and others cannot hold the door open for him or his family without him yelling to close it. He likes to have all control in situations like when you can come home, when you can leave, when you can open the fridge, or close the cabinets. He doesn’t like running water in the kitchen. Edison needs to be prepped for his day and what to expect throughout the day or the day may come to a halt.


Some of the highlights of raising a child with autism, according to Edison’s mom: “Watching his milestones happen and the love he makes you feel. The compassion, understanding and patience he teaches me. Also watching the love and compassion between him and his big brother Vincent.”
As well as some of the unique challenges they experience: “Having our world stop if something didn’t happen in order for that day. Edison controls a lot of what we can and cannot do including having company over. Watching the sacrifices his big brother has to endure because we live in Edison’s world is difficult. It is also hard taking him in public for long periods of time.”

About their autism experience, Edison’s mom says “Even though life with autism may be extremely difficult at times and a bit different than typical, it is OUR life and we do it as a strong, united family! He makes us stronger and better people. Edison’s older brother takes pride in being there for him and teaching him everything he needs to know in day to day life. We feel truly blessed that God gave us both these children!!”

Edison would like others to know that sometimes it’s not easy controlling his emotions or being patient. Even though it seems like he doesn’t have interest in people or events, he really does and just wants to be a part of every day life and situations without it being overwhelming.

If you would like to support an individual with autism and their family, Edison’s parent’s have this to say '“It can be a wonderful growing and learning experience and teach you so much about yourself. People with ASD have a lot of Love to give.”


If you are new to the diagnosis or suspect your child may have autism, Edison’s mom shares “I think it’s very difficult to hear something is wrong with your child but it really does have a positive impact on your life. I find having a child with autism intrigues me to know how they feel, think and express themselves. The unconditional and powerful love, patience and understanding I have has definitely made me a better person. He is such a blessing in everyone’s life he touches. Positive thinking makes the hard times a bit easier and to know there is a lot of support out there for them.”