The Faces of Autism: Grant

Meet Grant, a sweet 8 year old boy that was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. Grant has participated in Faces of Autism for four years now. You can see last year’s story HERE.

In the past year, Grant seems to have some physical issues that include pain and/or discomfort that his parents are trying to narrow down. Because Grant is nonverbal, he can’t just tell them where or how he hurts.


Grant loves to laugh and gives the best hugs. He loves playing outside, swinging, swimming, and music. Like previously mentioned, Grant is nonverbal, so getting others to understand his wants is very difficult.

When raising a child with autism, Grant’s parents have learned that everyday is a bit different. Grant has taught them many things. As a family they can’t do a lot of activities other families do. Grant’s little sister sometimes gets jealous of the attention Grant requires. It isn’t the journey they had expected as parents, but they are up to the challenge of doing everything they can to help their son.


If you would like to support a family or individual with autism, Grant’s parents advise to try to understand the special challenges Grant and others with autism face. Don’t judge the child or their parents too soon and don’t be afraid to ask questions..


If your child was recently diagnosed or you suspect they may have autism, Grant’s parents recommend that you ask questions and find a good support system like BisMan Autism Families. Never give up and keep fighting to give your child the best life possible.