The Faces of Autism: Meet Aiden B.

Meet Aiden B., a caring 8 year old that was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old. This is Aiden’s first year in Faces of Autism and I am so glad him and his family decided to participate this year!

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Some of the signs Aiden’s mom noticed to get him evaluated were echolalia, which is repetition of another person’s word, and hand flapping when he was over stimulated, something he still does to this day. Aiden had a hard time forming close friendships and struggled with social interactions.

Aiden is very kind and caring he loves to be a helper. He is very empathetic to people and their situations. Aiden loves collections and is a big collector of model cars, something his grandpa had started with him before he passed away. He also loves hot wheels, army men, and receipts. He is really exceptional on all electronics but Mario is one of his all time favorites.

Aiden doesn’t like major changes in his routine. He is a very picky eater and will sometimes gag just looking at a different type of food.


One of the highlights Aiden’s mom noted was how children with autism can show you how different everyone can be and how to have patience and acceptance for all. About the unique challenges she experiences she says “Aiden always made his own language and sounds. It was amusing to watch people and how they reacted to it. But if he’s not home. it’s just not the same without him being so vocal.”

Aiden would like others to know that parents that have taught their kids that acceptance is important has been a positive experience to him.

If you suspect your child may have autism or they recently received a diagnosis, Aiden’s mom has this advice “You’re definitely not alone. There are parents that are going through similar situations that are also waiting to meet a parent like you. To know they are not alone. Don’t put off getting a diagnosis if you feel something isn’t right! I had so many people tell me that he would start talking when he was ready or that I was imagining it. Early intervention is huge!”


Aiden’s mom says “I wouldn’t change anything. Sometimes it’s frustrating or overwhelming but at the end of the day I know Aiden is an awesome kid and perfect for me!”