The Faces of Autism: Meet Ella

Meet Ella, an artistic 11 year old girl that was diagnosed with autism when she was 2 years old. This is Ella’s first year participating in Faces of Autism and I was so glad she did! She was an absolute delight to chat with during our session. We discussed drawing and Bendy and the Ink Machine. Ella is the older sister to Cohen, who was featured earlier this month.


When Ella was 13 months old her parents saw a change in her. She went from being bubbly and babbling to silent and seemingly emotionless. As she got older she did have some echolalia.

Ella is an AMAZING artist. She has her own Facebook page where her works are shared. You can find that HERE. Art definitely seems to be her true passion and she spends a lot of time doing that. Her mother said that she is also very musically talented and spends a bit of time singing as well. Ella also enjoys playing Xbox and watching YouTube.


Ella struggles with social cues and expressing and showing emotions. She also struggles with personal space.

One of the highlights of raising children with autism, according to Ella’s mom, is the bonds you build with other parents along the way. She also says “Ella is hilarious, and honest a trait a lot more of us should have. I am blessed to have such a big hearted loving child.”

One of the big challenges that Ella’s mom noted was getting others to understand that just because they cannot see autism, it is still something valid. Invisible disabilities are real.


If you suspect your child has autism, Ella’s mom advises this “Start recording your child. I did for a week straight and had it in hand at her appointment. The right diagnosis could change the outcome drastically. Catch it as early as possible and lean on others for help. And remember to take care of yourself and your relationships.”