The Faces of Autism: Meet Nic

Meet Nic, a caring 12 year old boy that was just recently diagnosed with autism. Nic was 11.5 years old when he was diagnosed.


When Nic was around 4 or 5 he had difficulty with potty training and with behaviors. His mom assumed it was ADHD because of family history and had him evaluated where it really seemed like ADHD was what was going on. As Nic got older, his mom started working with kids on the spectrum and with special education teachers. Last year she started working with a student that was just like Nic and had an autism diagnosis. After a comprehensive evaluation with Anne Carlson Center, Nic was diagnosed with autism.

Nic is caring, understanding, and funny. He is helpful, likes rules, and is good with animals. Nic enjoys pokemon and video games, He loves YouTube and has his own channel which you can see HERE. Nic also likes board games and loves his cat miniature.

Nic struggles with changes in routine, seeing kids bully other kids, and other kids not following the rules. Some of the unique challenges of raising a child with autism from Nic’s mom “He has challenges with keeping things clean, doing his homework, as well as keeping organized. We have to constantly monitor his anxiety and come up with ways to deal with it.”


One of the highlights of raising Nic has been “He is an emotionally aware child who always sticks up for the odd person out.” says Nic’s mom.

Nic would like others to know “It doesn't make you that different from everybody else.”

Some ways to help people with autism and their families “Please do not judge other parents. We are doing the best we can. Having a child with special needs life is challenging. Please accept them the way they are and where they are at.” says Nic’s mom. “If you have a child over for holiday meal do not get mad at the child or parents if they do not eat at the table. See what you can do so they can be comfortable.”


Advice from Nic’s mom if you suspect your child has autism “Try to get any help you can. If ABA therapy isn’t available, look at speech and OT. Anything helps. Use respite if you need a break. If you think your child has autism and they have been evaluated, please try another person or Anne Carlson center that works out of Jamestown. Always love your child.”