The Faces of Autism: Logan

Meet Logan, a smart 9 year old boy diagnosed with autism. This is Logan’s second year participating in Faces of Autism, you can read last year’s story HERE. Logan was 6 years old when he was diagnosed with autism.


In the past year Logan had to have a big surgery on his legs. He also went to his first birthday party without his mom.

Logan excels at science and any type of electronic. He also is in Karate and does well with it. In his spare time Logan enjoys playing his Xbox.

Some of the things Logan struggles with is knowing and accepting personal space as well as expressing how he is feeling.


 One of the highlights of raising a child with autism that Logan’s mom mentioned is that everyday is something new, they always surprise you with what they are willing to accomplish. And a unique challenge she has experienced is her child not always comprehending what people are saying to him.

If you suspect your child has autism or they recently received an autism diagnoses, Logan’s mom gives this advice “Everyday is a new day. You will have a bad day where you think you can’t do this anymore and then the next day can be the best day.”