The Faces of Autism: Meet Cohen

Meet Cohen, a funny, athletic 10 year old that was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old. This was Cohen’s first time participating in the Faces of Autism and I really enjoyed meeting him.

When Cohen was younger he was nonverbal and made no eye contact. His parent’s noticed he also played with his toys differently.


Cohen loves basketball, Fortnite, and Xbox. He is a very funny and loving kid. He struggles with his emotions and has a very hard time letting go of his electronics. Cohen has a hard time processing and understanding social cues and has anxiety.

From Cohen’s mom about raising a child with autism:
”This boy is so funny and adorable and can melt your heart with all his compliments. Always cheers me up on tough days and thanks me and tells me he loves me every day. Handling a 10 year old with the emotions of a much younger child has it’s downfalls but he cares deeply about everything.”


About her experience: “Every child is different, every family is different. There is hope in my story, I had two nonverbal children who are now in mainstream schools, without aides, and talk non stop. Early intervention saved my children from a tougher time and without me finding strength in going against one doctor’s opinion, their stories could be much different.”

The advice Cohen’s parents would like to give others that are new to the diagnosis is to trust your gut and be their voice. Fight for them. Fight until you are heard, you’re their voice and they need a tough parent to back them.