Why hire a professional for family portraits?

If all of your recent family photos look a little something like this:

Yeah, what a disaster.  *Disclaimer: No Children were harmed in the taking of this picture*

Yeah, what a disaster.  *Disclaimer: No Children were harmed in the taking of this picture*

 ...you should probably hurry up and book a family portrait session with a professional. Obviously, I highly recommend myself! 

I get that your cell phone selfie is sometimes a pretty accurate portrayal of life at the moment, and can even be a good source of entertainment, but let's get real. You most likely are not going to decorate your home with a beautiful print of it.

Need a better reason?  Your children are changing.  Every day, so it seems.  In so many ways.  Having a professional capture these moments of your children WITH YOU IN THEM is something that you can treasure, as well as your children, future grandchildren, and on down the line FOREVER.  I know, personally,  going through my photo box (I swear I will put the photos in an album.... someday), I look back and wish there were more pictures of my family to look at and add to that future album.  My mom wasn't, and still isn't, a big fan of being in front of the camera, and honestly, neither am I!  But let's put our own insecurities aside and do this for the children!  In all seriousness, even if they aren't super excited about spending time with their parents, all dressed to impress for a session, oh well.  Someday they will appreciate it and look back fondly on that time in life and say "Oh! I remember that day!  Mom was all stressed out because Johnny wanted to wear the blue shirt and she wanted him to wear the nice red one!" or "Yeah, I was a rebelious teen and thought I knew everything.  I was so mad about having to do family pictures.  I'm so glad we did, though." Trust me.

So, if I still haven't convinced you to book a family session with a professional photographer, please give me a call, shoot me an email, write me a letter, whatever form of communication you choose, just let me try even harder to persuade you!

Remember: family photos aren't just for now, they are an investment in the future, and in memories of a time long gone.  Don't just do it for you, do it for the children!  You can't say no to the children, can you?  Someday, that's what they will have left to remember these moments.