Birthday photos

Theo turns THREE!!

Theo turns THREE!!

Mr. Theodore is one of my best clients!  I might be a bit biased as he is family, but that's okay!  He has previously been very shy in front of the camera, but he is definitely warming up to it!

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Doris' 90th Birthday Bash

I was contacted on short notice inquiring about photographing a LARGE family for a 90th birthday celebration.  This is slightly out of my comfort zone as I have never done an event before (officially!), although I have definitely practiced at my own family functions.  

So, with the clients fully aware, I stepped out of my comfort zone and photographed my first event and first large extended family! Here are a few shots from that.

Theo is TWO!

Mr. Theodore turned TWO! Which is not only cause for celebration, but for a photo session!  He is such a ham!  This was definitely the best session I have ever had with Theo, with the most amount of smiles!

He absolutely loved the bubble machine his Grandma brought with to entertain him.  And he was a big fan of my wagon, which I use to carry camera gear and props that also doubles as a prop!