Senior Photographer

Madison: Part 1

Madison couldn't decide between a fall session and a winter session for her Senior photos.  Because I do offer two locations for Senior Sessions, we decided to not only break it up into two locations, but to also break it up into two seasons!  

I had a fantastic time with this young lady!  She is fun, funny, gorgeous, and full of spunk! (does saying that age me? Oh, my!)  She followed direction great and didn't seem to mind my bossy side.  She was even up for experimentation.  That photo with her cloned?  I have NEVER done anything like that before but REALLY wanted to.  She was all for it, even knowing it might not work out.  But it did.  Because we both are awesome!  Obviously!

Here is a preview of some of her favorites from her Senior Session: Part 1 - 

I even gifted her some Senior Rep cards to hand out, so if your 2016 Senior is behind and needs to get some Senior Photos, hit her up for a discount!

I can't wait for Part 2 with Madison, we will see what awesomeness happens!