Mother's Day Mini Sessions

For Mother's Day I ran a Mini Session promotion.  Being a mom, I thought "Hey, I would love this" so, I did it!  Yes, I probably should have done a Father's Day one after that, and next year it is definitely on my "To Do" list!

I have to say, an AWESOME lady contacted me to gift three women in her life a session!  She wanted to do it as a "Thank you" to all they do, not only for her, but for a group they help run.  What an amazing gift!  (There will probably be more on the group later, as I, also, am a member!)

I had such a great time with these sessions!  Here's a preview of Beth's session.  Twin four-year-olds and a toddler.  This mama is amazing! I can tell you, I was completely worn out after this one!

Next up was the Neustel family!  Mr. G did NOT want to smile for me, but that's okay, he is still handsome with his serious face! In fact, his little sister decided to follow suit and not smile for me either!  I enjoyed chasing them around the Heritage Center anyway!

Last, but certainly not least, the Keller's!  We had a hard time scheduling due to late season illnesses, but it was completely worth it! Another major workout between the two boy's, especially trying to get them both in the same photo!

All three of these women are truly amazing and supportive people.  I am so grateful for not only being able to capture some precious memories for them, but the time I got to spend getting to know them a little during these sessions!