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Baby T ~ Fresh 48

Baby T ~ Fresh 48

Okay, so I see Fresh 48 photos all over the place and I am COMPLETELY IN LOVE with them!  As a parent, I think they are great because those first couple days in the hospital are a blur in the grand scheme of things.  What a great way to have those memories fresh forever!

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Adopting baby Kellen

Adopting baby Kellen

And then there were NINE! Help the Anderson's adopt baby Kellen!

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Baby Bump Jam has Arrived!

Before Austin and Kelsea could even order anything from their maternity session, this little bundle of joy arrived!  I would like to introduce you to Jaxon!  

He put up a fight with this session!  I haven't been peed on or pooed on so much since my youngest was an infant (knock on wood!)!  Even with all the hiccups, I so enjoyed my time with him.  Not wanting to sleep for me or his mama meant more baby snuggles!

EIther way, we got a few gems, even a smile here and there.  Also, he has the chubbiest fingers I have ever seen on a newborn, which I found absolutely adorable!

Here are a few of his parents' favorites:

Baby Bump Jam

Kelsea's mom had contacted me about this session.  She wanted to gift it to her daughter a Maternity session because she didn't ever want her to regret not doing it.  After all, she will only be pregnant with this child once, this is a time she will never get back!

So I contacted her and told her someone had anonymously gifted this session to her and Austin and they better do it! ;)  

I am so glad she did!  This session went great and Kelsea looks adorable (pregnant or not). Not too mention this couple takes direction so well!

Here is a preview of some of their favorites from the session:

Briggs newborn session

Briggs was born July 9, 2015 at 2:55 pm to Morgan Renner and Lucas Faldalen.  He was a whopping 9 pounds 5 ounces!  The most gorgeous, chubby baby boy I have ever seen! I can totally say that, because my boy's were scrawny newborns!

Briggs and his parents came to see me when he was 10 days old, and it was still a battle to get him to sleep for us!  He just wanted to eat. But, when we finally got him to sleep, it was AMAZING!