Baby Bump Jam has Arrived!

Before Austin and Kelsea could even order anything from their maternity session, this little bundle of joy arrived!  I would like to introduce you to Jaxon!  

He put up a fight with this session!  I haven't been peed on or pooed on so much since my youngest was an infant (knock on wood!)!  Even with all the hiccups, I so enjoyed my time with him.  Not wanting to sleep for me or his mama meant more baby snuggles!

EIther way, we got a few gems, even a smile here and there.  Also, he has the chubbiest fingers I have ever seen on a newborn, which I found absolutely adorable!

Here are a few of his parents' favorites:

Iris: Newborn Session

Iris was 13 days new when she came to visit me in my studio and what a doll!  She slept like a true dream and let me pose her, change her, and snuggle her all without waking up!  Newborn sessions have the tendency to take quite a while (I aim for between 2-3 hours) because we go by baby's schedule and demeaner.  Well, with Miss Iris, it was only about an hour!  Had I known how fantastic she was going to be, I would have 5 more setups ready! 

Here are a few of her mom's favorites:

There are so many more that I love that I may be a "throwback" to someday!

Baby J: 1 month young

Baby J: 1 month young

I had the pleasure of hanging out with this very adorable 6 week old little lady, Jocelynn.  She was a bit old for an official newborn session, as I like them in the very early, very sleepy stage, but we still had a good go of it!

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Briggs newborn session

Briggs was born July 9, 2015 at 2:55 pm to Morgan Renner and Lucas Faldalen.  He was a whopping 9 pounds 5 ounces!  The most gorgeous, chubby baby boy I have ever seen! I can totally say that, because my boy's were scrawny newborns!

Briggs and his parents came to see me when he was 10 days old, and it was still a battle to get him to sleep for us!  He just wanted to eat. But, when we finally got him to sleep, it was AMAZING!

Portfolio building session

Teegan came to see me at 12 days old!  He is only the second newborn I have photographed (besides my own in a non-professional manner!) and I think it went pretty well!  He didn't want to sleep for me for quite some time, but eventually did and we got some great photos! He is such a handsome guy.  

He is the youngest sibling of ALL girls! I am so happy for this families addition.