Fall(ish) Family session: Herz-Lindbo

Better late than never, right?  I had the privilege of hanging out with this great family one fall day.  We were a little late for any of the leaves to be left on the trees, but we got it done, and that is what matters, right?

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know my clients, or even, like in this case, reconnecting with old friends! Brittini and I spent pretty much our entire school years together!

Here are some of the favorites from this session:

So, here it is!  Aren't they all just stunning?  This is definitely a magazine worthy family!  I wish I was half as photogenic as they all are.  *Jealous*

Baby Bump Jam has Arrived!

Before Austin and Kelsea could even order anything from their maternity session, this little bundle of joy arrived!  I would like to introduce you to Jaxon!  

He put up a fight with this session!  I haven't been peed on or pooed on so much since my youngest was an infant (knock on wood!)!  Even with all the hiccups, I so enjoyed my time with him.  Not wanting to sleep for me or his mama meant more baby snuggles!

EIther way, we got a few gems, even a smile here and there.  Also, he has the chubbiest fingers I have ever seen on a newborn, which I found absolutely adorable!

Here are a few of his parents' favorites:

Doris' 90th Birthday Bash

I was contacted on short notice inquiring about photographing a LARGE family for a 90th birthday celebration.  This is slightly out of my comfort zone as I have never done an event before (officially!), although I have definitely practiced at my own family functions.  

So, with the clients fully aware, I stepped out of my comfort zone and photographed my first event and first large extended family! Here are a few shots from that.

Madison: Part 1

Madison couldn't decide between a fall session and a winter session for her Senior photos.  Because I do offer two locations for Senior Sessions, we decided to not only break it up into two locations, but to also break it up into two seasons!  

I had a fantastic time with this young lady!  She is fun, funny, gorgeous, and full of spunk! (does saying that age me? Oh, my!)  She followed direction great and didn't seem to mind my bossy side.  She was even up for experimentation.  That photo with her cloned?  I have NEVER done anything like that before but REALLY wanted to.  She was all for it, even knowing it might not work out.  But it did.  Because we both are awesome!  Obviously!

Here is a preview of some of her favorites from her Senior Session: Part 1 - 

I even gifted her some Senior Rep cards to hand out, so if your 2016 Senior is behind and needs to get some Senior Photos, hit her up for a discount!

I can't wait for Part 2 with Madison, we will see what awesomeness happens!

Baby Bump Jam

Kelsea's mom had contacted me about this session.  She wanted to gift it to her daughter a Maternity session because she didn't ever want her to regret not doing it.  After all, she will only be pregnant with this child once, this is a time she will never get back!

So I contacted her and told her someone had anonymously gifted this session to her and Austin and they better do it! ;)  

I am so glad she did!  This session went great and Kelsea looks adorable (pregnant or not). Not too mention this couple takes direction so well!

Here is a preview of some of their favorites from the session: